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Why Energy, Geopolitics and History?

How has energy and especially oil shaped global politics? How do geopolitical risk, and technological developments affect national and global energy regimes? These are the questions that fascinate me.

I began studying the history of oil and the Middle East in 2007 as a doctoral student at Georgetown and have continued to write academically about historical questions surrounding these interests. I also use my historical grounding to analyze and comment on current developments and have undertaken numerous ad hoc research projects for companies and stakeholders looking to understand the dynamic world of energy and geopolitics.

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Georgetown University, PhD, History, 2013

Dissertation: Connecting Midstream: The Politics and Economics of Oil Transportation in the Middle East
Comprehensive Examination Fields: Energy and the Environment; U.S. Foreign Policy, Diplomatic History; U.S. History; and Middle East Political Economy.

University of Chicago, MA, Social Sciences, 2006

Specialization: International Relations, Middle East Politics and Economics
Thesis: Transnationalizing the Lebanese in Senegal: Migration and Diplomacy in the Interstices of French Empire

Brown University, BA, Classics and History, 2000

Honors Thesis: Scipio Africanus, Pompey, Caesar and Imitatio Alexandri

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