Media Appearances

Associated Press (AP)

Turkey discovers large natural gas reserve off Black Sea

21 August 2020

TRT World

Why Turkey's gas find is a game changer

21 August 2020


Turkey makes significant Black Sea gas find: sources

20 August 2020

TRT World Strait Talk

Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

14 August 2020

War on the Rocks

Hydrocarbon Diplomacy: Turkey's Gambit Might Yet Pay a Peace Dividend

30 January 2020

Anadolu Agency

Turkey-Libya maritime pact focuses on E. Med. solution

10 December 2019

Asia Times

For Israel and Turkey, it’s now all about gas

1 October 2019

TRT World
Strait Talk

15 May 2019

Is Trump Shifting on the S-400?

Uzun Lafın Kısası

29 July 2019

Yeni Soğuk Savaşın Rakipleri: ÇİN-ABD-RUSYA

TRT World Magazine

As Saudi Arabia increases oil output, what’s next for the global economy?

9 March 2020


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