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Published Writings

Analysis and commentary related to current events and energy geopolitics

Below are my most recent writings. My full portfolio of work for Energy Reporters can be found here.


Pulling Back the Curtain on Turkey's Natural Gas Strategy

26 August 2020, War on the Rocks

Turkey's gas discovery in the Black Sea, regional statecraft, and drive to build Canal Istanbul are interconnected, and speak to the country's growing leverage in gas.


A Biden Administration Should Prioritize Energy Security To Fight Climate

9 July 2020, Panorama

A climate club emerging from a revitalized Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) can bridge these two camps, and force countries to decarbonize while prioritizing energy security. Interdependence has proved the only viable path to energy security in fossil fuels. Interdependence in clean energy will be the only viable path to reducing the risks of climate change.

Marco map 2104.jpg

Eastern Mediterranean gas: Testing the field

May 2020, European Council on Foreign Relations

Eastern Mediterranean gas remains incredibly important for states in the region as they seek to enhance their energy security and drive economic development. Geopolitics will likely determine its future.


Energy geopolitics will hinge on the nationalism-globalism swinging door

5 May 2020, Energy Reporters

The global depression will affect everyone. How countries navigate it through nationalism and globalism in three energy areas – investment, renewables, and oil – will redefine the parameters of energy geopolitics.


What can we learn from the Great Depression about oil’s future?

3 April 2020, Energy Reporters

The Great Depression hit oil demand hard. Oil prices collapsed along with the share prices of oil company stocks. It remains the only historical period of comparable oil-demand decimation to what the industry is experiencing today at the hand of the novel coronavirus. Does it carry any lessons for oil’s future after COVID-19?


Could coronavirus cause China’s oil demand to plateau?

2 February 2020, Energy Reporters

Given where we are in the current cycle of a buyer’s market and the geopolitical and environmental forces bearing down on oil and China, the virus could in fact be a tipping point towards a new plateau in global demand, one that arrives earlier than expected, especially if the Chinese economy itself were to spiral into recession.

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